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55 curators for the first time

55 curators for the first time

departmental collection of contemporary art of Seine Saint Denis
6th class (11 years old) from the college Jacques Prévert in Noisy le Sec
5th class SEGPA (12 years old) from the college Lavoisier in Pantin

What is an art exhibition ? What does a curator curate ?

Eight sessions of work in class to introduce to the students the practice of a curator and the departmental collection of Seine Saint Denis.
The workshops lead the students to conceive of an exhibition at the 116 Art Center of Montreuil. Each class selected nine artworks amongst the two thousand of the collection from the protocol of the alphabet letter. Each letter was associated to a keyword allowing them to comment on one work. The outcome was a visually and semantically heteroclite, rich in multiple cultural references and the spontaneous approach to art by these fifty-five young curators.