Les commissaires anonymes

Complex lecture

Complex lecture

In the frame of the exhibition EX.PDF : EXPOSER LES ÉCRITURES EXPOSÉES of Label Hypothèse at Mains d’oeuvres, Mathilde Sauzet, curator and autor of Les commissaires anonymes, and Anne-Sarah Huet, artist et economist, contributor for the Ghettopera book performed a composition of texts about complexity with musical exerpts of Gabriel Mattei.

The performance is composed as a back and fourth between two distinct texts read by their respective authors mixed following a system of notes.
 : Mathilde elaborate about the three artworks (The ventriloquist convention of Gisèle Vienne, I Soldier of Köken Ergun et The Excluded. In a moment of danger of Chto Delat). And Anne-Sarah Huet translates the enunciations into a game theory set, developped from a note to another.

The ventriloquist, the soldier and the geant ear are the main actors of an operatic and non operational theory .

Alternatively to the reading parts, several pieces of opera are broadcasted in midi format from a handy speaker. Mix of art, music and mathematic languages, the double discourse builds up, little by little, poetical mental images, thoses inherent to language complexity.

Duration : 20 minutes

© Claudia Rudge