Les commissaires anonymes

Cova do vapor’s flags

Cova do vapor's flags

sur invitation du collectif ConstructLab

Les commissaires anonymes were invited to the Casa do Vapor, a participatory workshop to set up a collective living space and to open a political space for discussions about the power of the commons to counter real-estate pressure in a fishing village Cova do Vapor in the south of Lisbon. A series of flags were produced as a result of exchanges to do with identity, modes of living and ethics and then raised at key places in the village.

“We searched for the values that could represent the local community and the symbols that we could associate to it. The wind seemed a perfect element to show off the energy of people around the project of Casa do Vapor. By observing architecture and its daily uses, and then through discussions with inhabitants, we collected drawings and pictograms. Cova is not only the sun and the sea, it’s also a sardine ><>, a skate-board ramp and a sunset, the birthday of Rodrigo and the Bugio lighthouse, the gathering of a cornetto and an ice lolly, the love, the piracy and the will to fight with others to keep the village alive against the real-estate speculation of the coast.”
Interview of Les commissaires anonymes, extract from Cova do Vapor newspaper.