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L’ile des réunions

L'ile des réunions

L’ILE DES REUNIONS, a methodology of collaborative meetings for an affirmative approach of uncertainty
The book L’île des réunions (The island of meetings) gathers together ten narratives and analysis of artistic and social situations that happened during the European Capital of Culture in Mons in 2015. These situations, spontaneous and experimental, emphasize the precious and too often, much neglected potential in the act of reunion. Why do we gather ? What is the aim of a meeting ?

Extract from the introduction text :

The meetings are planned to forecast, to operate and to program and yet you still say that they are a waste of time, that you didn’t need to be there, that you don’t see the point of it … L’île des réunions is situated away from the continent of productivity. It’s a zone of isolation to re-learn how to politically orient collaborative processes, rather than to project mediocre and predictable final goals. L’île des réunions is an insular moment, an opportunity to take distance from the reasons and the means of intellectual and functional emancipation.
This method aims to learn again how to gather around abstract issues such as the use of time, working models, the role of ethics, the perception of complexity on a global scale, the instability of values and to understand collectively how to link such concerns to organizational structures.
Ten contingent situations constitute the book as elements of reference to an approach, and the number of reunions is infinite. For each situation the method suggests two components necessary to each other : an operational framework and a zone of uncertainty. The operational framework is a support structure of organizational meeting following certain qualities for hosting, tools and activities. The uncertainty zone is made up of elements of measurement orientated toward political and sensible gestures but those that one cannot know before experimentation happens, the final benefits and forms.
The book is composed from lived experience of situations during 2015 in Mons ; each are associated to a graphic translation into methodology. An interview with Gregoire Sérikoff, strategic designer and collaborative processes facilitator for institutions and companies is proposed in light of the artistic and poetical approach to methodology of L’île des réunions.

The principle of L’île des réunions  :

L’île des réunions is a space of gathering at the same time fictive and real.
L’île des réunions has been drawn, built and used by artistic practices.
L’île des réunions is a methodological tool composed by an visible and an invisible architecture : an “operational frame” and a “zone of uncertainty”.
L’île des réunions is a socio-professional ritual, a hijack of institutionalized working forms, an organizational system to compose.
L’île des réunions is a hypothesis.
L’île des réunions is a commons, when the distinction between public and private space disappears.
L’île des réunions is a curatorial research project around collaborative modes of work conducive to new forms of collective subjectivity.
L’île des réunions is a political attempt for a « geo-social artistry and cunning rationality*. »
*Accelerationist manifesto, Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek, 14 May 2013

Graphic design by the studio Ultragramme, printed on Rizo machines et handmade by the Atelier Papier Machine.

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