Les commissaires anonymes

Minute Editions

Minute Editions

A process of live documentation and archive design in collaboration with
Frédéric d’Incau.
In response to the need for collecting, archiving and sharing references and feedback in the short term and with an economy of means, Minutes Editions is a tool-display of collaborative work.

Composed of a production unit (layout, print and stockage), a table to realize booklets and exhibition boards of content (texts and images), the display is designed to function as a complement to a collective working session. It allows the user to edit content during exchanges and works, to lay it out on independant pages, to print it on format sets and then to present all the prints on the boards. Throughout the day, the participants can also contribute with their own images and texts. At the end of the session, people can choose a selection of pages and assemble them into a book following a small set of rules.

One or two persons can be in charge of the Minute editions; they are free to play with the modes of representations and aesthetics.. The prints are mainly in black and white. Minute Editions integrates a wide range of paper qualities and colors and a specific means of binding.

To know more about the disposal and the activation of the Minute Editions, contact us at : lescommissairesanonymes gmail.com