Les commissaires anonymes



Camille Bondon, Sofia Caesar & Luiza Crosman, Clôde Coulpier,
Juliette Goiffon & Charles Beauté, Joséphine Kaeppelin, Lich/Sprot 2000, Maud Marique, Eona Mc Callum, Grégoire Motte & Gabriel Mattei, Yoann Thommerel,Vikhi Vahavek with Adrien Tirtiaux on scenography


Welcome to this reconstitution of a generic communication and working space.

Here, codified visual and textual languages encounter their diversions and misunderstandings. Some forms will attempt to tell you that it’s not so easy. Or maybe, it is just that easy. How, within the constrained devices of daily life production, despite software, methodologies and timetables, do you invent intricate and original exchanges ? Métalangue has no inhibitions.

Invited within the framework of SYNC ! to present our commitment to collective artistic organisations, we highlight the interactions of languages that exist between business models – paradigmatic in the art world as well – and the necessity to say and to make things. Metalangue is a frog in the throat of language management.

The exhibition consists of an OBEYA (a great hall or war room in traditional Japanese), a space for visualisation of artistic projects, and a space for sharing poetic strategies. There you will find an apologia of influences, a ’scratch & win’ game fill-in form to strike through your useless emotions, advice regarding a far-away loved-one, the results of a Graphomotor exam, and advertisements to join the Sprot 2000 aerobic community.
A gallery of managerial graphics will accompany you on your visit, an ageless saga from the Freemasonry to the Lean management. The mediators could not be present for the whole duration of the exhibition, so tele-present robots have personified them. They use specially selected words and will know how to enlighten you about intimacy on the web.
Workers are leaving the factories, one step inside, one step outside – just wait for a moment, we still need you. Full time.
In the last part of the exhibition a space equipped for relaxation and coaching is awaiting you. Stroll amongst today’s hyper poetry and you will always discover memories. Finally, take the time to wonder : what makes you itch ?

We must not allow the grids and signs to be drained out. Between two silences, slip your tongue in the frame. Sweet and drooling, the tongues will be loosened ; for the anonymous don’t hide themselves, they interfere.

Slow and Speed Dating, a group working session, was open to artists and cultural workers, who attempted to share in an experimentation around collaborative working methodology. Les Commissaires Anonymes led a series of discussion protocols designed to question each other’s work and respective collective practices. The methods that were tried out were borrowed from various organizational working models, and were followed directly or were loosely interpreted.
The day ended with a performative aerobic session from Sprot 2000 in the exhibition space.