Les commissaires anonymes



Workshop & participatory stage design in collaboration with the theater group Rodéo d’âme

*Original title : Traversées

In august 2013, Les commissaires anonymes collaborated with the theater group Rodéo d’ me for a residency program at the theater and cultural center Al Rowwad, at Aïda the refugees camp, in Bethlehem to set a participatory theater show based on the documentary play of israeli and palestinian portraits Frères ennemis. On stage, the israeli soldier Ayal confronts in a cynical TV show, Juliano Mer Khamis, former director of the Freedom Theater of Jenine, killed in 2011. Written from testimonies and interviews, this play by Claire Audhuy reflected on the role of the artist in a situation of oppression and identity conflict : how could artistic creation become an act of resistance ?

Les commissaires anonymes realized the set for the stage, organized wall painting workshops and made the display for a fanzine library. The play was presented on the 24th and 25th of august, with a talk afterwards.
A documentary film has been edited with extracts of rehearsals and interviews of actors and the young people involved in the process of the final show.

Documentary film by Baptiste Cogitore. 27 minutes.

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