Les commissaires anonymes



Joséphine Kaeppelin

Les commissaires anonymes offer a reflection on “machines” and their interactions with human. Found throughout the Brass like the remnants of a thriving industrial era, cisterns, pipes and other metallic gears bear testament to the bustle of mechanical production in which many workers were involved. As all the major industrial production sites relocate out of Europe one by one, computers have come to replace manual labor and have become the only way for the West to remain in control in a globalised economy. The installation of a print on a large-format canvas, pretence of a giant screen in sleep mode, puts into perspective the evolution of technology, its obsolescence and the increasingly diffuse role of man in this process of constant renewal.

The work of Joséphine Kaeppelin notably revolves around the place of artists in Europe, faced with the necessities of post-industrial development. The combination of Internet and high-tech digital devices with traditional handcrafting methods is at the centre of her aesthetic and technical research. The selection of pieces presented for POPPOSITIONS, gathered under the title Press here to stop !, deals with human presence in the operation of new production and consumption tools. Can we really intervene in another role than that of the fascinated spectator ?

Vue générale de l'installation, © Joséphine Kaeppelin Vue générale de l’installation, © Joséphine Kaeppelin -

Screen, 2013, © Joséphine Kaeppelin Screen, 2013, © Joséphine Kaeppelin -

appuyer sur pause, 2012, © Joséphine Kaeppelin
sans titre (E-Ink drawings), 2013, © Joséphine Kaeppelin