Les commissaires anonymes

put the mask, we do the rest

put the mask, we do the rest

Workshop in collaboration with the artist Caroline Delieutraz
Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Art de Nancy

The workshop was following protocols to work and meet on the Internet and an object to interact with material reality : an “anti-gaze mask”. The workshop was lead by Les commissaires anonymes with regular online meetings with the artist, around the issue of anonymous figuration on the Internet and with proposals of experimentations in the city of Nancy.

Students in the art and graphics department, Salomé Bernhard, Camille Jacoby, Charlotte Munsch, M’hand Abadou et Thomas Noël appropriated the anti-gaze mask and constructed scenes of daily life with blurred faces. In the scenario they wrote, the eyes of the Google car was entering private rooms and capturing moments of intimate life. The mask, DIY and humorous protection against control became a tool to decipher the representation of the world produced by the Google imaginary.