Les commissaires anonymes

The Grignyotheque

The Grignyotheque

International workshop of urban planning in Cergy-Pontoise, 2017

Drivers of social values and wealth creation

What are Les ateliers?

A non profit- organization since 1982, Les Ateliers – International workshops of planning and urban design – aims to develop the collective creation of ideas that tackle the challenges and processes of everyday city planning and design. by promoting a process of collective and multidisciplinary work that produces innovative and illustrative proposals relating to urban design and spatial development.

The Grignyotheque

Les commissaires anonymes had been invited to callaborate to the collective workshops of september around the notion of the “inclusive city” with the artist Boris Achour, as associated artists. At the end of the three weeks session, they published in the synthesis document a communication: The Grygnyothèque.

Synthesis document available HERE.

The contribution les commissaires anonymes is a critical point of view on the notion of “inclusive city” and a fictive proposal for an infrastructure of languages prototypes, inspired by the meetings with city representatives and the inhabitants of Grigny in a southwestern suburb of Paris.