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The non-humans parade

The non-humans parade

Workshops organized in elementary schools in Bordeaux with Bureau d’études (artists), Vincent Godeau (illustrator) et Nadya Larina (dancer) for the preparation of the masked parade.
Evento 2011

Evolutionary theater was a staging of a system of urban ecology and inter-species democracy on the site of André Meunier in Bordeaux. Four months before the beginning of the car park construction site, The Evolutionary Theater wanted to make visible and to put into conversation all types of living forms, human and non-human, that the process was involved with. Based on the idea that our society doesn’t make enough spaces for social solidarity between humans, animals and plants, Evolutionary theater imagined a politic, an economy and a culture common to humans and all the other living forms that we envisage “around” us. The scenario was developed around a parliament of trees, men and women, insects, air, animals, clouds, etc, for concrete actions and speculative narrations.

An installation hosted scientific, cultural and artistic meetings. The non-humans parade, a big walk with masks, was the symbolic gathering and launch event for this attempt to represent an inter-species conciliation.