Les commissaires anonymes

To breath in urban spaces

To breath in urban spaces

In collaboration with Passage Management (consultancy agency in management of innovation)
i-LAB Air Liquide

In their think-tank on innovation called I-Lab, the company Air Liquide opens a program of renewal of working methodologies and management of projects. Thirty collaborators from various jobs met to think about the sanitary, ecological and economic issues central to the presence of oxygen in urban spaces. Les commissaires anonymes were invited by the consultancy agency Passage Management to lead one of their three half-days of workshops of analysis of contexts, critical problematizations, definitions of use scenarios and speeches.

Exercise 1:


To understand the composition of the group, to highlight the various opinions within the group, to start debates.

Exercise 2:

Scenarios of use

To put into perspective collected ideas, to work from hypothesis, to reintegrate complexity into modes of thinking.

Exercise 3 :


To choose a spokesperson, to classify modes of representation, to think of a modality of discourse