Les commissaires anonymes

We are blocks of flats*

We are blocks of flats*

Frac Centre-Val de Loire

*original title : Nous sommes des immeubles

This three day workshop proposed a moment of reflection, experimentation and co-construction around the social potential of architecture and its way to generate humanity. What does the city look like if we let our thoughts be visible, our stories, our knowledge, our conflicts, our ideals, our fights ?

“We are blocks of flats with lodgers who we don’t know anything about…”

An extract of the collective writing session around a text “Nous sommes des immeubles” (we are buildings) by the author Wajdi Mouawad, which was set, on the last day, in a performance reading presented at the opening of the public show :

… because we are cold
… because we are made of bricks, wood, steel and concrete.
… because we are tall.
… because we are making light in the dark street.
… situated in the country “diversified”.
… where there are bosses living without family life.
… which in the dark have no fear.
… who look like giants.
… which look like new technologies.
… because the floors of these buildings represent our layers of spirit and their height is measurable to our humanity.
… in the country of the folly.
… because I could be a big kitchen.
… who look like empty shells without feelings
… where robots, machines and mechanisms are living
… in the land of the soul.
… in the land of clouds and rain.
… because we host beings.
… in the country of the mad hatter.
… because we have several facades.
… because I am solid.