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What is making the ones we call maker ?

What is making the ones we call maker ?

This project was realized thank to the partnership with the company XL Insurance and the consultancy agency in innovation Passage Management.

A program extended throughout the year composed by a workshop about new working spaces and FabLabs and a partnership with the insurance company XL for the design of an interactive stand of a professional fair.

How to explain what a FabLab is and why this format of production gains more and more importance today ? How to combine an exhibition/display space and a space of production/working ?

The first part of the workshop was to think and design an exhibition about the culture and the function of FabLabs in the High School.
We started by giving a presentation on the roles and tasks of curators, designers and makers. Then in groups of three, the students worked in thematic days on :
- An iconographic selection of images relevant to the technical and cultural function of FabLab
- A collective mind map to explain and to transmit information about the components and the ways of working in a FabLab
- Volumes and displays allowing us to show all the machines and tools useful in a FabLab

Months later, four students developed their first drafts from the workshop into a technical and relational display to trigger technological innovation culture and to activate a 3D printing machine at a professional fair of insurance. A series a games tackling the issue of societal risks as the sea-bed resources, experimental architecture and the big data was prototyped and printed with the 3D machine by the students. A furniture display was adapted from “the connectors” by the designer Jérôme Dumetz and a collection of postcards on the social movement of the Makers was live printed.